Blockages & Leak Detection

Lifestyle Plumbers recognised a need to offer a specialty service to the Milton, Ulladulla and surrounding community. We have invested in top of the range, specialty equipment and trainaing to offer non-intrusive leak detection and high pressure water jet machine works. Lifestyle Plumbers have the most extensive range of this specialty equipment across the Coast. If you have a leak in your plumbing that can’t be spotted or plumbing that isn’t performing at it’s best we can use our incredible thermal imaging camera to see through the walls and pin point the leak. This indicates clearly where the problem is and what is happening behind the walls or under the flooring. This can save thousands in investigatory work, demolition and second guessing that can occur with other methods.

We can also offer a line location service where our specialty locating and listening devices locate and map out existing services such as power and plumbing anywhere on your property! This helps with ensuring services don’t get hit or damaged when other trades are carrying out works or when you are planning to build around or above services. This equipment is also fantastic for inspecting and locating problem areas in your plumbing and drainage so that costs can be kept to an absolute minimum with remediation works. Rather than excavate huge areas, dig up driveways or pull down walls we can pin point and repair your problem areas with minimal fuss after the inspections are completed.

We also have high pressure water jet machinery for thorough, quick and long lasting clearing of blocked drains. We have machines to go down the pipework and cut through tree roots, blast through grease and clear out sewer or foreign object blockages. We can send our CCTV Cameras down the line to inspect and record -ensuring that you know exactly what caused the problem and get a thorough report on remedial works or recommendations.

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